Archive: July, 2011

5 Ways to Safeguard from Summer Sun and Blisters

Posted on 07/29/11 by Tools For Wellness

Beach at your toes, sun in your face, wind in your hair; it’s the recipe for happiness, right? Not entirely. Too many times you let the sun do its worst, staying out in the hottest times of the day for the most intense sun rays. Your skin is worth protecting. Here’s five methods of sun […]

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Summer Swelter: Start that Quality Detox

Posted on 07/27/11 by Tools For Wellness

When the temperature starts to heat up – this is when we choose to do a complete detox. You will be able to find the most fresh fruits and vegetables to detox with during the summer months. Your body will also thank you for the refreshment and all around better feeling, even while it’s at […]

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Five Reasons to Relax this Summer!

Posted on 07/14/11 by Tools For Wellness

When you get to the point that every vacation and trip is more tiring than rejuvenating, it’s time to have a “you” break. While having fun is what summer is all about, so is taking time to relax! If anybody asks, here are five reasons you can use to justify your personal relaxation time: Every […]

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Keep Active in Honor of National Anti-Boredom Month

Posted on 07/08/11 by Tools For Wellness

Just how do you celebrate National Anti-Boredom Month? By staying active of course! There are lots of great ways to keep from being bored this month. Here’s a few of our favorite ways to stay active in July: Better Time Management! Work on managing your time better with a time management tool. The biggest symptom of […]

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