Archive: October, 2011

Use Light and Sound Mind Machine to Combat Holiday Stress

Posted on 10/28/11 by Tools For Wellness

More responsibilities and dwindling daylight hours, two sure things you can expect every holiday season – year after year. Why are you letting the stress of the holidays get to you? Every year Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years will all follow in quick succession with numerous parties, planning, present buying and outfit picking. When […]

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‘Glo to Sleep’ through the Daylight Savings Time Changes

Posted on 10/20/11 by Tools For Wellness

We’re going to fall back! Well, an hour that is. It’s time to gain an hour of sleep back, Daylight  Savings Time is about to end which means we turn our clocks back an hour. For those of you looking to get more than an hour of sleep back, Daylight Savings time isn’t going to […]

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Time to Tune into Your Chakra Test Results

Posted on 10/14/11 by Tools For Wellness

*Biiiiing* that’s the sound of your Chakra calling out for some much needed attention. Many of us focus too much on the body and mental spiritual wellness, getting caught up on matters of the head and forgetting about the rest of the body. It’s not that difficult at all to bring your Chakra back into […]

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Be Well in Winter Weather

Posted on 10/07/11 by Tools For Wellness

The fall foliage is both gorgeous and lovely to look at, but with it comes a rise in fall chills and ills. It finally becomes that time to turn on the heat and start the furnace. With this heat comes the musty indoor air, the pains of dust and allergens. While you think you?re just […]

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