EMF and Hybrid Cars

Posted on August 28, 2013 by Tools For Wellness


Concerns about EMF’s have been with us for many years now. Most people today are aware of not only the natural sources of EMF but also of the many new manmade sources – from the many electrical devices in our homes to wireless phones, laptop computers, electrical transmission lines, and all of the other electrical devices used by us to make life easier. Recently however, a potentially significant source of EMP has been flying beneath the radar and has gone almost unnoticed. Hybrid automobiles.

Touted as being good for the environment, almost no attention has been given to the question of whether they are good for our bodies. There are no EMF safety standards for Hybrid vehicles and next to no research done on the effects of the increased EMF from a partly electric vehicle on its occupants. Since the motors and electric wires for hybrids are often placed close to the driver, and given the amount of time a typical American spends behind the wheel of their car, concerns about prolonged exposure are very real. In fact, a New York Times article discussed this very issue.

“Some hybrid owners have actually tested their cars for electromagnetic fields using hand-held meters, and a few say they are alarmed by the results.

Their concern is not without merit; agencies including the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute acknowledge the potential hazards of long-term exposure to a strong electromagnetic field, or E.M.F., and have done studies on the association of cancer risks with living near high-voltage utility lines.”

While there has been no conclusive research on the possible adverse effects of increased exposure to EMF from hybrid cars on our health, given our increasing exposure to EMF in other areas of our life, adding one more source of EMF is valid grounds for becoming even more concerned.  Take the time to become educated about the potential adverse health effects of EMF. Become aware of your total exposure to EMF as well as learning about what preventive measures you can take to protect you against those risks. A good first step would be to measure the amount of EMF you are exposed to with aTrifield Meter.  Then contact us to learn more about EMF and what sort of preventive products are available to protect your health.