Protect your Pets from electromagnetic radiation

Posted on February 22, 2017 by Mike

Electromagnetic radiation is all around us and it’s not just humans that are at risk of damage from exposure. Of course, this means that our very own household pets could be suffering from the same ill effects of overexposure to EMF radiation that humans can. The idea that our loved family pets could be having their lifespans shortened simply because they live in an environment with any number of EMF sources is heartbreaking for pet owners. However, just as there are ways to limit human exposure to EMF’s, there are ways to limit exposure to family pets.

Protecting Your Pets

It actually doesn’t take that much to provide better protection to your pets when it comes to EMF exposure…just some extra attention to the things that matter. Tools for Wellness carries a few wearable EMF protection pet product that will be listed below. Another way to protect your fury loved ones is to make sure that your home, where your pets spend the most of their time, are relatively devoid of any sources of EMF radiation within or close by. This can be done by using EMF Eliminators, Georesonators, Aires Defenders ,or the Safe Space Radiant Room.

Remember EMF is ALL around us

Each and every day, your body is exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMF), It is odorless, tasteless, can’t be seen, can’t be felt. Cell phones, satellites, radio stations, hair dryers, microwaves, music players, computers, power grids, gaming consoles, and body worn electronics are all sources of EMF. Over time, we are exposed to a vast amount of these signals. Exposure to too much EMF radiation can lead to problems like anxiety and depression, can interfere with physical body function, and has been linked to some forms of cancer by the World Health Organization. If these are the effects to humans, your pets are susceptible too, protect your furry family members today with products from Tools for Wellness!!



Pet Rejuvenizerpet-rejuvenizer-7

This device harmonizes and protects your pets in the same way the Personal Rejuvenizer does for people. Animals may enjoy a happier disposition. You can attach the Pet Rejuvenizer® to your pet’s collar, or simply attach it to his or her water or food bowl.

One Pet Rejuvenizer will work for all the animals who live inside your house, when attached to the bowl. A separate Pet Rejuvenizer® will take care of all your animals living outside your house, when attached to their food or water container.


Shuzi Dog Collar for EMF Protection For Your Pet

Shuzi pet collars are made of durable nylon, infused with non-toxic, pet safe nano-silver particles. They repel liquid, dirt and coat oils and reduce the spread of bacteria. Shuzi collars stay cleaner and require fewer washings. They are adjustable with a plastic release clasp and a welded steel D-shuzi-dog-collar-for-emf-protection-for-your-pet-5ring. Waterproof – Environmentally Safe – Non-Toxic

  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety
  • Increase Joint and Muscle Strength
  • Minimizes Fleas and Ticks
  • Reduces Allergies
  • Improves Overall Health and Well-Being

    Available in black or lavender.


Shuzi Cat Collar EMF Protection

The Shuzi Cat Collar is ideal for cats. The Shuzi Cat collar has a unique red cat shaped breakaway buckle for safety; Removable lightweight red bell; and is available in black..

shuzi-heart-pendant-for-emf-protection-for-your-pet-3Shuzi Heart Pendant for EMF Protection 

The Shuzi Heart Pendant is ideal for cats and small dogs. Constructed from stainless steel, it provides all the benefits of NVT and easily attaches to your pet’s favorite collar.




Shuzi Dog Tag for EMF Protection

The Shuzi “Dog Tag” is designed for larger dogs and horses. Constructed from stainless steel, it provides all the benefits of NVT and easily attaches to nearly any collar or harness or can be braided into your horse’s mane. The PHD tag also includes space on the back for engraving your contact information, should your pet should become lost.shuzi-dog-tag-for-emf-protection-for-your-pet-3