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Fine Tune Your Emotional Balancing Ability

Posted on 02/21/14 by Tools For Wellness

    There are many different ways to deal with negative emotional experiences and get back in tune with ourselves. Once we are tuned in to our inner selves, we can turn any situation or experience around and accept positive emotional experiences into our lives. Some prefer to practice meditation or yoga, take a training course, seek counseling, read self-improvement materials, etc. So, […]

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Practice Qigong for Better Health

Posted on 01/02/14 by Tools For Wellness

    Qigong is an ancient Chinese system for better health healing, and illness prevention. Qigong incorporates breathing techniques, physical movements, and the art of focusing the mind. Qi (pronounced chi or chee) comes from the Chinese word meaning vital-energy or life-force, which is said to flow through everything in the known universe. Gong (pronounced gung) means […]

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Ohm & Otto Tuning Forks For Sound Healing

Posted on 12/13/13 by Tools For Wellness

    Introduction to Sound Healing Everything and everyone—from the smallest particle and organism to the Earth and the entire Universe—has a vibrational frequency that creates sound. When organisms are healthy, they resonate at a natural frequency that is in harmony with their surrounding vibrations. Sound encourages the human body to return to its natural, […]

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Hemi-Sync Audio Technology From Robert Monroe

Posted on 10/27/13 by Tools For Wellness
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Hemi-Sync is a scientifically based and clinically proven “audio-guidance” technology that uses sound to influence brain wave activity. This patented, and highly sophisticated technology is backed by over 50 years of research. Hemi-Sync is an audio-guidance process that works through the generation of complex, multilayered audio signals, which act together to create a resonance that […]

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View the World Through Color Therapy Glasses

Posted on 10/15/13 by Tools For Wellness

  Many of us have heard the phrase “view the world through rose colored glasses.” Though the phrase usually means that someone chooses to see the world with a beautifully fresh view regardless of the often gloomy and depressing reality; there is a distinct ring of truth in the statement. There is a form of […]

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Treating PTSD With Lucid Dreaming

Posted on 10/08/13 by Tools For Wellness

        Even though there seem to be an almost infinite number of things which divide humanity – skin color, gender, wealth or the lack thereof, etc. – humanity does share commonalities too.  We all eat and drink and breathe.  We all need to interact with others, to love and be loved.  And […]

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Achieve Better Health with Effective Breathing Exercises

Posted on 09/27/13 by Tools For Wellness

Breathing is an important function that is most often overlooked. The average human breathes about 20,000 times during a 24 hour period. The simple act of breathing provides the body with an ample supply of oxygen to achieve its peak performance. On average, a pair of human lungs can hold up to six liters of […]

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Expanding Consciousness Through Meditation

Posted on 09/16/13 by Tools For Wellness

Healing and mind expansion require deep peace; benefits only meditation can provide. It is indeed possible to awaken parts of the subconscious mind through pathways of deep concentration only attainable through the practice of meditation. It is a common belief the only way to reach total body wellness can be accomplished with this ancient Shamanic practice. Energy […]

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Chakras & Meditation: Center Your Whole Being

Posted on 08/14/13 by Tools For Wellness

There are many reasons to meditate: to relieve stress, to clear your mind, or to find answers within yourself. Did you know that these things, and so much more, can become even more significant when you focus on your chakras during meditation? Chakras are energy fields that rotate, or spin if you will, creating a vortex of […]

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The Alternative Health Benefits of Tuning Fork Therapy

Posted on 07/24/13 by Tools For Wellness

Today many people are learning about the tremendous benefits associated with alternative health practices.  There are now physicians who embrace alternative health practices and advise patients to consider their benefits.  One of them many beneficial alternative health practices is Tuning Fork Therapy. A tuning fork is a long metal object that has a handle with two […]

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