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Rejuvenizer Pendants

Posted on 12/17/15 by Tools For Wellness

Rejuvenizer Pendants Whenever you turn on a television, use a microwave, surf the internet, or drive by a high power line, your body is exposed to electromagnetic fields. While the effects of these fields are still being researched, it has been reported that excessive EMF exposure can result in fatigue, headaches, or a decrease in […]

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New Shuzi EMF Pendants Now Available!

Posted on 09/22/13 by Tools For Wellness

SHUZI has a technology focused on personal wellness. Every SHUZI item is embedded with proprietary Nano Vibrational Technology (NVT). NVT has been shown to enhance blood cell integrity & circulation as well as improve cognitive & emotional brain functionality. Wear it to see how it affects everyday stress and anxiety, and you’ll agree that SHUZI […]

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We’re Ready To Chat Live With You!

Posted on 02/06/13 by Tools For Wellness

  You asked and we answered! You can now chat live with us to ask product questions, check order status, or just to say hi! Check the top of Tools For Wellness and when you see the flashing button like the one above, we’re online and ready to chat! You can even click the button […]

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3 Ways to Stress Free Ordering of Meditation Products and More!

Posted on 11/07/11 by Tools For Wellness

Work, laundry, winterizing the house, cleaning, Christmas shopping, the list of things that add stress to your day just grows and grows. While there’s so much to make your life hard – here at we want to make your life better by giving you control of your heath, body and mind. Such relaxing products […]

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Positive Well Being Straight for a New York Times Bestseller

Posted on 08/19/11 by Tools For Wellness

“The world is what we think it is. If we can change our thoughts, we can change the world.” -H.M Tomlinson That’s just one view on the power of positivity. One very positive book on our site we can?t help but be excited about is a New York Times bestseller, The Hidden Messages in Water by […]

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Welcome to the Official Tools For Wellness Blog

Posted on 05/08/11 by Tools For Wellness

If you’re interested in enhancing your lifestyle so that you can be healthier, you’ve come to the right place. On the Tools for Wellness Blog, you’ll find the latest information about our products as well as tips and strategies to help you live the best life possible. From self-improvement to reaching your peak physical performance, […]

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