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Learn More About Magnet Therapy

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      What it is Magnet therapy has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years to treat a variety of diseases and conditions. It is thought that abnormal magnetic fields in the body result in certain disease states and that magnets may play a role in restoring these magnetic fields to normal functioning […]

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Practice Qigong for Better Health

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    Qigong is an ancient Chinese system for better health healing, and illness prevention. Qigong incorporates breathing techniques, physical movements, and the art of focusing the mind. Qi (pronounced chi or chee) comes from the Chinese word meaning vital-energy or life-force, which is said to flow through everything in the known universe. Gong (pronounced gung) means […]

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Searching for Self Improvement

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To improve yourself, you first have to know yourself. For the most part I’m sure you know who you are, but to really know yourself you have to go deep, not just skim the surface. Room for self improvement is always there, but do you know what it is you need to improve? The five Kosha’s can […]

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The Alternative Health Benefits of Tuning Fork Therapy

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Today many people are learning about the tremendous benefits associated with alternative health practices.  There are now physicians who embrace alternative health practices and advise patients to consider their benefits.  One of them many beneficial alternative health practices is Tuning Fork Therapy. A tuning fork is a long metal object that has a handle with two […]

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Alternative Health Practices Popular with Medical Professionals

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Alternative health and medicine continues gaining ground among physicians and other practitioners of “traditional” medicine. (We could argue that alternative health practices ARE traditional medicine, but that’s a post for another day.) Even medical schools are adding alternative practices to the curriculum. US News reports: Interest in teaching alternative approaches “has exploded, especially this last year,” says Laurie […]

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The Doctor Might Not Tell You: Better Health Comes From Within

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The Breathing Box

Many of us today will connect healthcare to doctors and hospitals but oftentimes they are in the business of disaster control and real “healthcare” means that we care about our health and take control of our own goals for better health. You can create a solid foundation for your personal health and your healthcare provider can be your guide rather than […]

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Better Health Through Intimacy

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When people talk about better health and overall wellness, common topics tend to include things like diet, exercise, life balance and time management. All of these pursuits will contribute to wellness, but they’re not the only ones—and perhaps not even the most important ones. A healthy and satisfying intimate life is often overlooked as an essential part […]

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Self Improvement With Time Management Tips and Tools

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Do you feel like you could accomplish so much more in life, if only you could better manage your time? Some people seem to be born organized, efficiently going through their day checking off one task before moving on to the next. Other people are more easily distracted and constantly struggle with time management. If […]

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Protecting Yourself from the Dangers of EMF

Posted on 12/28/12 by Tools For Wellness No Comments

Every day our bodies are subjected to invisible fields of energy, and the effects of this exposure are not yet fully known. EMF or electromagnetic fields may be generated from overhead power lines, and even common appliances in the home may be sources of electric fields, radio fields and microwaves. One of the most dangerous forms of […]

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The Other Health Benefits of Heading Outdoors

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In this day and age, we’re seeing more and more people who are staying indoors instead of being outside enjoying the warm summer weather. Don’t they know how beneficial spending time outdoors is for your health? Here are some of the healthy benefits you’re missing out on: Spending time in nature increases a person?’s creativity, […]

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