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Allergies and Acupuncture

Posted on 06/12/13 by Tools For Wellness

        Although many suffer from it, most do not know that allergies are the 5th leading chronic disease in the United States.  According to WebMD, one in five Americans suffer from allergies or asthma symptoms, resulting in an annual cost to the health care system and business of $7.9 billion. Most people deal […]

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Springtime Allergies? Purify Your Air For Better Health

Posted on 03/21/13 by Tools For Wellness

      It’s that time of year again. As the trees start to bloom, so do your symptoms. You’re suffering with nasal swelling, coughing, sneezing, and you feel downright miserable. You’ve tried everything in your power, but no matter how clean you keep your house, you can’t remove all the airborne contaminants. But have you […]

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