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Achieve Better Health with Effective Breathing Exercises

Posted on 09/27/13 by Tools For Wellness

Breathing is an important function that is most often overlooked. The average human breathes about 20,000 times during a 24 hour period. The simple act of breathing provides the body with an ample supply of oxygen to achieve its peak performance. On average, a pair of human lungs can hold up to six liters of […]

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The Doctor Might Not Tell You: Better Health Comes From Within

Posted on 02/18/13 by Tools For Wellness
The Breathing Box

Many of us today will connect healthcare to doctors and hospitals but oftentimes they are in the business of disaster control and real “healthcare” means that we care about our health and take control of our own goals for better health. You can create a solid foundation for your personal health and your healthcare provider can be your guide rather than […]

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