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Treating PTSD With Lucid Dreaming

Posted on 10/08/13 by Tools For Wellness

        Even though there seem to be an almost infinite number of things which divide humanity – skin color, gender, wealth or the lack thereof, etc. – humanity does share commonalities too.  We all eat and drink and breathe.  We all need to interact with others, to love and be loved.  And […]

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Self Improvement Through Lucid Dreaming

Posted on 03/15/13 by Tools For Wellness
Lucid Dreaming

The benefits of a good night’s sleep for physical and mental wellness are well known. But did you realize that your dreams, especially lucid dreams, can also contribute to your psychological wellness and help you achieve personal growth and insight?  In a lucid dream, you are aware that you’re dreaming. And some people, either naturally […]

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