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Rejuvenizer Pendants

Posted on 12/17/15 by Tools For Wellness

Rejuvenizer Pendants Whenever you turn on a television, use a microwave, surf the internet, or drive by a high power line, your body is exposed to electromagnetic fields. While the effects of these fields are still being researched, it has been reported that excessive EMF exposure can result in fatigue, headaches, or a decrease in […]

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Benefits of Infrared Heating Pads over Ordinary Heating Pads

Posted on 11/10/15 by Mike

An ordinary heating pad only heats the skin’s surface. Far infrared heat sends deep penetrating heat to not only create a uniform warming effect, but can be found in two forms: direct and indirect. Direct far infrared provides the deep heat to warm you up without raising the temperature of the surrounding air. Indirect Far […]

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Reducing Stress and Incorporating Peace

Posted on 09/19/13 by Tools For Wellness

    Nothing in the affairs of men is worthy of great anxiety. -Plato   We live in a world of uncontrollable change, which is the breeding ground for self-doubt, distrust, and anxiety; no wonder so many people live a stressful life. Though stress can be necessary for an individual to reach their peak performance, […]

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Biofeedback – Listen To Your Body

Posted on 05/29/13 by Tools For Wellness

Most of us go through our day without paying close attention to what our bodies are telling us. Sure, we eat when we’re hungry, sleep when we’re tired (or when we finally have time to rest) and find a bathroom when it’s necessary. Beyond that, though, we don’t often pay attention to our biology for […]

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Tips To Help You De-Stress Your Way To Better Health

Posted on 03/19/13 by Tools For Wellness

    Stress is one of the biggest role playing factors to our health. People with a high amount of stress are more likely to suffer from digestive problems, heart disease, sleep problems, depression, obesity, autoimmune diseases, and skin conditions, such as eczema. Stress is also linked to temporary increases in blood pressure. It doesn’t […]

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An Easy Meditation Exercise

Posted on 05/30/11 by Tools For Wellness

Meditation is something that we all should do, daily if we can. Not only does meditation offer a chance to a relax and unwind, but it also gives us the opportunity to gaze within and focus on ourselves, our strengths, and where our wellness needs attention. If you’ve never meditated before and want to start, […]

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