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Better Health: Wellness Tools To Help Improve Dental Hygiene

Posted on 03/07/14 by Tools For Wellness

  For many of us, a dental visit for a regular deep cleaning is a luxury. Having impeccable oral hygiene doesn’t have to always mean a trip to the dentist’s office. Why not work toward¬†better health¬†at home with products that are designed to leave your mouth fresh, clean, and free of dangerous bacteria everyday. If […]

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6 Simple Ways to Banish Bad Breath

Posted on 04/09/13 by Tools For Wellness

This guest post is written by Sarah McNaughton, a contributor for www.TopDentists.com, a dental health resource site. Have you noticed your breath is less than fresh lately? Halitosis is a common problem that most people experience at least once in their lifetime. Bad breath is usually caused by bacteria growing in your mouth and can […]

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