Keep Eyes Moist On Long Flights

Posted on June 10, 2011 by Tools For Wellness
Alpha Dry Eye Relief Mask

Alpha Dry Eye Relief Mask

The anticipation of flying off to exotic beaches or foreign lands for a summer vacation is positively thrilling. New things to see, foods to try, and memories to create! What’s a bummer is all of the travel-related pains that typically come with your enjoyable trip.

Faraway destinations can take long flights, or even short ones when you have layovers, leaving you at the mercy of stuffy cabin air. Sure – it’s not in your itinerary, but many aircraft passengers  will suffer from uncomfortably dry eyes on summer flights.

If you want to avoid discomfort on your way to paradise, here are a few tips:

  • Opt out of the contact lens, and stick with your glasses for the flight.
  • For really long flights, apply moisturizing eye drops once every hour.
  • Take a nap and wear a moisturizing Alpha Dry Eye Relief Mask.
  • Supplement your diet with vitamin A and omega-3 to restore moisture and protect body tissue.

When you arrive at your destination, try to keep up a similar routine if you’ve arrived in a dry climate. Then get ready to enjoy the sun!