Breathe Deep, Enjoy Allergen-Free Air!

Posted on June 17, 2011 by Tools For Wellness
Virus Zero Ionic Air Purifyer

Virus Zero Ionic Air Purifier

Trees, grasses, weeds, and flowers. All release what the botanist will call pollen, but you probably call allergens, into the air. Spring into summer, you have to battle many more allergens then you did in the colder months and that’s simply because of Mother Nature.

It’s not just the trees in your backyard you have to worry about. Pollen can travel far – mile after mile! So all of the open windows and breezy summer days are only going to add to your problems. There are however, things that you can do about it.

How can you tell if you’re suffering from allergies?

Runny noses, watery eyes or dark circles under the eyes are all symptoms of roaming pollen. You can also experience itchy eyes, itchy nose, coughing and of course the tell-tale sign:  sneezing.

Don’t let the fear of allergens getting into your house keep you from opening up windows and enjoying the summer air. You can still enjoy the breeze through your home without having to deal with as many allergens by taking measures to purify and filter your air.

Whether you’re at home or on the road, has air purifiers to continually clean and purify, such as the Virus Zero Portable Ionic Air Purifier. Put it anywhere you’d like – it even fits in your coffee holder in your car – cleaning your air wherever you are!