Keep Active in Honor of National Anti-Boredom Month

Posted on July 8, 2011 by Tools For Wellness

Just how do you celebrate National Anti-Boredom Month? By staying active of course! There are lots of great ways to keep from being bored this month.


Here’s a few of our favorite ways to stay active in July:

Better Time Management! Work on managing your time better with a time management tool. The biggest symptom of boredom is mismanaged time, get out of old habits and start fresh ones this month. Too much time spent with books will make you realize you’ve soon read your entire library!

Start… and Finish a Project! Finish those old projects today! Summers you often sit around, too hot to think of something new to do. How many unfinished projects do you have waiting up in the attic? Sometimes just the thought of those unfinished projects is enough to stop you from trying something new. Don’t let those things stop you! Try following a book that with help you finish what you start, like our Following Through: a Revolutionary New Model for Finishing Whatever You Start E-Book.

Join a Summer Club There are lots of groups that run especially in the summer. You can join up for a special fitness deal at the local gym, or a reading group!

How else do you plan to keep boredom at bay this month?