Five Reasons to Relax this Summer!

Posted on July 14, 2011 by Tools For Wellness
relaxation time

You’ll really thank yourself after you schedule a little spa and muscle relaxation afternoon!

When you get to the point that every vacation and trip is more tiring than rejuvenating, it’s time to have a “you” break. While having fun is what summer is all about, so is taking time to relax!

If anybody asks, here are five reasons you can use to justify your personal relaxation time:

  1. Every day is stressful on its own. You can use tuning forks for instantaneous, deep relaxation when you don’t have time to get away.
  2. Regular relaxation will keep your body, mind and spirit balanced and happy. And that makes the people around you happy!
  3. Summer months are dry, hot and sometimes muggy. It can really get you down – especially if you become dehydrated. Take regular cool water breaks to relax from whatever’s stressing you, and revitalize your body!
  4. Even on vacation, you can’t get away from the harmful EMF rays that bring negativity to your day. If you can’t have electronics free vacations – you need something like the Rejuvenators Pendants to protect and heal your energy field.
  5. If no one has gifted you with a spa and relaxation day, then you should just schedule your own! It’s still very much appreciated – and you can thank yourself!

You shouldn’t just focus on self healing tools and efforts in the summer. Try to make time for “you” all year round. Let us know why you need a little R and R time below.