Be More Water-Aware for Water Quality Month

Posted on August 29, 2011 by Tools For Wellness

Between swimming, staying hydrated and trying to keep cool at water parks, it shouldn’t surprise you to realize that with August is also Water Quality Month! Sure, you know the basic facts; drink eight glasses a day, stay extra hydrated when out in the sun, but do you know how to be sure you have the best water quality?crystal ball bath dechlorinator

Have your water tested to find out what type of water you’re working with. You may have received a Consumer Confidence Report in the mail earlier this summer telling you what’s been going through your water, if you own the home. For additional information, on that packet check out the United States Environmental Protection Agency Site.

  • You may discover your water is lacking in nutrients. Even if you filter your water, it’s not going to become healthier. You can however use water additives to give your water the necessary boost to provide your body what it needs from your tap water.
  • You may find your water is rich with harmful elements. If this is the case, there are plenty of ways to filter your water including a tap filter for the faucet. Don’t overlook the shower water either! A crystal ball bath dechlorinator will clear up harmful chlorine into chloride.

If you didn’t receive a report, you can still find out about your water by contacting the local water supplier or having it independently tested.