How to Disconnect From the Pressures of Being Connected: Part 1

Posted on September 6, 2011 by Tools For Wellness

We live in a world that is dominated by technology. Our smart phones and computers run our daily lives, leaving us over connected. We feel the constant need to be connected all the time and with that constant connection to technology comes the pressure to stay connected.ways to disconnect

There are serious consequences for those who are constantly connected which includes:

  • Personal relationships can take a hard hit because relationships require nurturing and investment.
  • With smart phones allowing us to conduct work from anywhere at anytime it usually results in bringing work home which greatly effects personal relationship due to stress.
  • Distraction at dinner time shows the person or persons you are dining with that you are not interested by the constant need to text or check email.
  • Being constantly connected shows others that you will respond right away and when you finally take the time out from being connected the speedy response is still expected resulting in resistance.
  • Constant connection also leads to burnout.
  • It can also have an effect on you physically:
    • Burnout results in the inability to sleep, and no sleeping means none of that healthy lucid dreaming, which helps solve problems causing stress in life!
    • Strain of fingers from constantly typing on those tiny keyboards on your cell phone.
    • Straining of your eyes can pose a serious issue for those who don’t limit their use of devices.

Next week, we?ll discuss how you can start combating connection issues, and get back to the good life spent with your family and having good dreams!