How to Disconnect From the Pressures of Being Connected: Part 2

Posted on September 15, 2011 by Tools For Wellness

Last week we discussed what it is that?s keeping you so connected in your life. Now that you are also aware of the effects of constantly being connected has on your daily life, here are some steps to relive the pressure of being connected:white noise machine

  • Don’t take your work home. As soon as you leave the door at work, that’s where your work should stay.
  • Take time out each day for an hour or two not using technology. Quiet time is key to relaxing! If you live on a busy street, use a white noise machine to block out the additional sounds.
  • Don’t have your phone near you while eating dinner. Dinner time is just that! Spend time with your loved ones and learn about their day or strike up conversations that do not include the subject of work.
  • If you are able to disconnect from the world for an hour or two each day after a period of time, try bigger steps. Leave your devices at home or in the car when spending quality time with loved ones whether at the movies or outdoors.

The more often you are able to disconnect the more you will become used to it? and that can aid in reducing your everyday pressure.