‘Glo to Sleep’ through the Daylight Savings Time Changes

Posted on October 20, 2011 by Tools For Wellness

We’re going to fall back! Well, an hour that is. It’s time to gain an hour of sleep back, Daylight  Savings Time is about to end which means we turn our clocks back an hour. For those of you looking to get more than an hour of sleep back, Daylight Savings time isn’t going to cut it.glo to sleep mask

Here’s our tips to bring more sleep to your day:

  • The time change will only make you feel like i’s earlier than the actual hour that it is. This is going to make it harder to convince yourself to go to sleep. Take advantage of the time change by not putting your clocks behind. That way late at night you might think it’s actually later.
  • Use a sleep mask. Some sleep masks can help by simply blocking out any ambient light that may be keeping you awake. Other sleep masks like our Glo to Sleep Therapy Mask will help you by drawing your attention away from life’s troubles and making the sleep process even easier to fall into.

Sleep is so very important to us all, the more sleep, the better you’ll feel and more alert and awake you’ll be the rest of the day. Get a good night’s rest long after daylight savings time ends.