Use Light and Sound Mind Machine to Combat Holiday Stress

Posted on October 28, 2011 by Tools For Wellness

More responsibilities and dwindling daylight hours, two sure things you can expect every holiday season – year after year. Why are you letting the stress of the holidays get to you? Every year Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years will all follow in quick succession with numerous parties, planning, present buying and outfit picking. When you know this you should prepare and be ready for all of the holiday challenges that await.light sound machines

Start planning all out vacations, family gatherings, present shopping dates, and asking to finalize party dates now, with the goal of having it all planned out by Thanksgiving! This way you won’t feel unprepared or surprised by the parties you know will happen and be less overwhelmed for those last minute holiday emergencies.

Take a break! While holidays are all fun and parties, it doesn’t mean you have time to relax necessarily. Make sure you find ?you time? or relax using a light and sound machine. Our Proteus Light and Sound Machine has relaxation sessions for 15, 25, and 60 minutes – whatever you have time for.

Learn to say no. There is a thing called too much holiday cheer! When you start to take on too much, start saying no. It’s the holiday season and your friends will understand that you need the time for relaxing, decorating or just to spend with family.

Preparation, taking breaks, and de-stressing will make the holidays managing and enjoyable – just like they should be! Get ready for the holiday season, starting with a very Happy Halloween!