Focus Helps Maintain Your New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on January 20, 2012 by Tools For Wellness

Already worried about sailing off course your New Year’s Resolutions? Don’t give up just yet! There are still 11 months to go with your resolutions and we have faith in you! We all how hard it can be to continue with even the best of intentions, but also knows how to best not let your resolution be forgotten.

Here’s two of our favorite resolutions, and the best ways to follow them.

magnetic mattress padI’ll be more relaxed in 2012 – Finding it hard to relax? Don’t stress it. We’ve got our share of stress and relaxation tools, like the MindSpa Stress Reduction and Sleep Enhancement machine.

TIP: Remember to take pauses during your day to reflect on the good in life, not the angry.

I’ll take care of my health – Not finding the time to care for yourself like you should? Whether you live in pain because of a chronic condition or just know you want to do better for your body, 2012 is the time to do it. Take simple steps that are incorporated into your everyday life, whether it’s just eating a bit healthier to lower your cholesterol or using a magnetic mattress pad to alleviate back pain, fibromyalgia or other chronic pains.

TIP: Remind yourself why you deserve a healthy body, and all the positive mental health benefits that come with a pain-free body.

Make 2012 your year for advancement and being a better you! If you’re looking for help with thinking more clearly, breathing better, or just improving your memory, will be here with you for the next 11 months – and more!