Enhance Your Body And Mind With A Negative Ion Generator And Other New Products

Posted on February 16, 2012 by Tools For Wellness

Since the late 1980’s Tools For Wellness has provided customers with a variety of products to help improve cognitive abilities, optimal wellness, mental performance and many other body and mind functions. We’re always providing our customers with new products to help improve your mind and body. Have you seen these on our site yet?FAR infrared portable sauna

Sound Oasis Sound Therapy Conditioner System
This innovative sound system blocks out noises, and creates a relaxing atmosphere that helps you fall asleep faster and easier than ever before. Users of the Sound Oasis Sound Therapy Condition System have experienced higher quality sleep, better levels of concentration, and feel more alert throughout the day.

Bluelight Portable SAD Therapy Light
Bounce back from winter blues with this light therapy system. It’s a well know fact that sunlight improves a person’s mood, and during the winter when the amount of sunlight may be lacking, people become depressed. This therapy system uses lights to boost your mood during the sad winter months.

Ionic Lifestyle Negative Ion Generator
Boost your mood, relieve stress, and increase your energy levels with a negative ion generator. Negative ions are practically undetectable to a human’s senses, but this tiny machine releases them in abundance!

Some of our other new products include EMF protection products for pets, EMF protection stainless steel rings, a FAR infrared portable sauna and much more. Which one of our new products are you dying to try?