The Power Of Color Therapy

Posted on March 16, 2012 by Tools For Wellness

Balance and enhance your body’s energy and chakras, stimulate the body’s healing process, and put yourself in a particular state of mind using color therapy. People have been using color therapy in India, China and Egypt for thousands of years. Before you begin using color therapy you need to understand what it is. Colors are wavelengths of electro-magnetic energy that is seen through our eyes. The colors seen by our eyes are part of a spectrum that is reflected back by the object we’re looking at. Each color has different meanings and affects a particular person in a different way.

color therapyRed:

  • Energizes and stimulates the body and all five senses.
  • Increases sexual desire and activity.
  • Someone who prefers the color red may be energetic, impulsive, courageous, independent, temperamental, ambitious, adventurous, and assertive.
  • Someone who doesn’t like the color red may be too impulsive, hot tempered, over-active, or they may harbor a fears of their own assertiveness.


  • Stimulates creativity, and helps you think of new ideas.
  • Helps express your self sexually.
  • Relieves cramps and spasms in the body’s muscles.
  • Encourages the actions of the lungs, and the digestive process.
  • Someone who prefers orange may have a warm personality, they may be extremely sociable, dedicated, and independent.
  • Someone who doesn’t like the color red may be concealing sexual feelings, or they might be over-sensual, or materialistic.


  • Strengthens the mind.
  • Stimulates and awakens the mind.
  • Can be used to aid stomach, liver and intestine conditions.
  • Someone who prefers yellow may be cheerful, curious, and amusing or easily amused. They may also enjoy learning, writing and speaking.
  • Someone who doesn’t like the color yellow might be emotionally upset. They may rationalize feelings, or change relationships and activities often.

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