It’s Mind over Matter: Use Biofeedback to Relieve Stress

Posted on April 12, 2013 by Tools For Wellness


If you’re reading this blog with no previous knowledge of the concept of biofeedback, it may be best for you to think of it this way; biofeedback is essentially mind over matter. Biofeedback is a way for the mind to control what science had previously labeled involuntary functions, which can include anything from blood pressure to brain activity. It may sound like an emerging, new-age style therapy, but the roots of biofeedback actually trace all the way back to the 1950’s and 60’s, when an American psychologist by the name of Neal Miller began the groundbreaking work to prove that the human mind had the power to control what had previously been thought of as uncontrollable. This is not the stuff of witch doctors. It is scientifically proven and validated therapy.

Stress: We all feel it to some degree. Whether it’s worrying about landing that important account for work or choosing the right school for your children. It’s a fact of life and it’s here to stay. There are all sorts of different ways of effectively managing stress, including good sleep habits, meditation, leisure activities, and biofeedback. Devastating enough in its own right, stress can cause a whole host of other problems: phobias, anxiety, addiction, and ultimately depression. Biofeedback is an option that most of us who are unaware of its existence wouldn’t think of to manage stress and depression.

Biofeedback: works by utilizing a learning process to recognize your own body’s signals and reactions to things like stress and anxiety. Once you are able to recognize these reactions, your mind is then equipped with the ability to change your behaviors that lead to those reactions. It is essentially a non-invasive monitoring system to your body’s stress level that can be a powerful weapon to battle stress and depression, which are ofter viewed as reactions to feelings of losing control. A correlation can be made in that biofeedback teaches you to regain that sense of control over your body’s seemingly involuntary reactions and responses.

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