Accessorize Your Way to Better Health!

Posted on April 18, 2013 by Tools For Wellness

You try to eat well, exercise every day, and get good sleep. You have a variety of wellness products at home and use them frequently. But did you ever think the accessories you wear could help you to better overall health? Some new products available on our website highlight the potential health benefits of beautiful accessories like rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Shuzi products are a great example of the way beautiful accessories can provide many health benefits. Put simply, Shuzi is a personal energy field that can bring your whole person into balance and wellness. These products use Nano Vibrational Technology (NVT) to fine-tune your biofield, promoting enhanced, energy, strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and mental focus. A Shuzi accessory, such as a ring, is most effective when worn close to the body and when worn all the time. Wear while sleeping, exercising, working, and showering!

A Shuzi product is powered by your body’s own energy, so no batteries are needed and the item never needs to be replaced. Most users notice effects of the Shuzi within a 30-day period, and often a professional can evaluate changes that might otherwise go unnoticed by a user. Changes to biofields are sometimes subtle, but they make a big different in overall health!

Q-Link is a similar form of technology used in accesories like pendants. Using Sympathetic Resonance Technology, Q-Link products increase resilience and resistance to the effects of stress, increase energy and mental performance, and strengthen your capacity to perform in electromagnetic fields. Many athletes find the benetifs of Q-Link improve their strength, balance, and overall performance! Testimonials attribute the Q-Link to helping athletes stay “in the zone” and it can help individuals in all kinds of stressful situations. It is to your advantage to wear your Q-Link product all the time, as they internal components need no recharging other than what your bioenergy provides.

One additional item to mention is the etheric weaver pendant. This crystal with pyramid ends balances mind, body, and emotions, and is great when used for meditation. The crystal naturally clears, blesses, and harmonizes, and is stunning in appearance.

At “Tools for Wellness”, we offer an extensive list of products to help you live smarter and take control of your health. Learn more about Shuzi, Q-Link, etheric weaver, and other bioenergy items by visiting our website today. Find beautiful wellness accessories that can help you control stress in your life and in your body!