Use Self Improvement to Transform Stressful Environments

Posted on May 14, 2013 by Tools For Wellness


People project energy.  Think about the time you spend in groups with friends, coworkers, or in-laws.  Each of these crowds can significantly alter your mood, adding tension or stress or humor or confidence.  All of these moods, of course, affect your health.

“She really lifts me up when I’m with her.”  “He pulled the rug out from under me.”  “They make me feel so small.”  According to Sandra Ingerman, the energy projections of others have a physical affect on us.  They can cramp our stomach, make us tired or give us increased energy and a sense of satisfaction.

But what if you knew you didn’t have to be subject to the moods and psychic punches of others?  Imagine, a few simple steps toward self improvement and emotional balance can give you greater influence over your environment, turning negative or toxic energy into healing, positive interaction.

Stop and Breathe

We never plan for negative or psychically harmful situations, and they often catch us off guard.  When you feel a person or group draining your energy, take a moment to self assess.  Stress often makes us breath in shallow short bursts.  This kind of breath signals to our bodies that we are on the defensive, and we become reactionary.  Instead, take the time to deepen your breath.  Find areas of stress in your body and release.  If you take control of your physical state, you’ll find it becomes much easier to take control of your emotional state.

Visualize the Ideal

When we feel attacked or otherwise backed into a corner, our brains can panic.  The child inside of us wants to run and find a safe place.  Take your moment of relaxation to give her one.  Instead of seeing the group or situation that is threatening you, visualize something that brings you warmth and happiness.  It might be your grandmother’s living room, your father’s face, a new puppy, even a favorite flower.  Whatever it is, keep it firmly in mind and react to that.  The change in your energy will be felt.  Instead of feeding negative reactions into an already volatile situation, you will begin broadcasting light and warmth and love.

Speak Your Peace

Using your voice is an integral part of broadcasting light and using your positive energy to influence others.  Simply feeling warmth might alter the mood slightly, but the powerful negative signals of the more vocal will quickly override it.  Don’t be afraid to speak what you’re feeling.  Words are powerful, and if the words you use are full of love, that is what they will manifest.  If you see the people around you being psychically beaten, offer them encouragement, but don’t pity them.  Only offer them strength to grow larger, and they will help you detoxify the negative environment.

Project Strength

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember how large you really are and how much influence you have over those around you.  Imagine yourself surrounded by a warm, bright light.  Create the light in any color you like, one that you find comforting.  This light protects you from harm and negativity.  Now, when your light is strong enough, allow it to grow.  Feel it straigtening your spine, so you stand taller.  Feel it lifting your chin so the crown of your head reaches toward the sky.  Feel it spread until it envelops the people around you.  Smile.  Laugh.  Listen.  If you do those things, others will feel your light, too.  They will feel its protection, its warmth and its understanding.  The negativity of others cannot get through your light to hurt you, but your light can stretch out to heal them.

Try to take a few of these actions forward into your day today.  Make a point to offer positive and encouraging energy to each person you meet.  Tell them how their smile lifts you up or the sparkle in their eyes gives you energy.  Compliment their laugh, and suddenly you’ll hear much more of it. Challenge yourself.  How many positive interactions can you create in a single day?