Biofeedback – Listen To Your Body

Posted on May 29, 2013 by Tools For Wellness


Most of us go through our day without paying close attention to what our bodies are telling us. Sure, we eat when we’re hungry, sleep when we’re tired (or when we finally have time to rest) and find a bathroom when it’s necessary. Beyond that, though, we don’t often pay attention to our biology for more subtle hints like breathing and relaxing. That’s why we put money into wrist rests for keyboards, trackballs, and ergonomic chairs. Instead of paying money for objects that allow you to ignore your body’s complaints, however, we suggest that you focus on what your own biological system is telling you and respond to its needs. Though modern medicine and technology have come a long way, this is still the only body you get so it’s important to take care of it.

Biofeedback in science

Biofeedback is your body’s way of letting you know what’s going on. For example, we sweat when we get too hot. That’s a simple, involuntary form of biofeedback. Sometimes, however, we can control our body’s systems. Biofeedback is sometimes used in therapeutic programs to help kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) focus and remain in control of their own inhibition.

You don’t need to have a disorder to benefit from biofeedback, though. By listening to what your body is telling you, you can address problems before they become big ones. We offer a few biofeedback devices that can draw your attention to your body’s state by either an elevated temperature or heart rate, meaning you might be a little too stressed or anxious and it’s a good time to focus on relaxing. It’s been shown that stress pretty much ruins health across the board, so a biofeedback device to let you know when your blood pressure is too high can be just what most of us need for a relaxation reminder.

Biofeedback devices

Our GSR2 Biofeedback Machine can tell you when your stress level is heigtened by measuring small conductance levels in your skin based on a galvanic skin response. For those who are interested in a slightly more advanced model, we suggest the Deluxe GSR Temp 2X Biofeedback Machine with Temperature Control, which not only measures your galvanic skin response, but your temperature, too. High temperature can be an indication of raised blood pressure.

For more information about which biofeedback device is best suited for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about our biofeedback machines.