10 Myths About Meditation

Posted on June 3, 2013 by Tools For Wellness


Myth #1: Meditation is the same as concentrating really hard

Actually, meditation is the complete opposite; it is letting your mind enter into a state of deep rest. As a result your mind becomes calm and clear, making it easier to concentrate after meditation is over.


Myth #2: Meditation is a religious practice

The practice of meditation has foundations in many different world religions, but it is not an exclusively religious practice. The benefits of meditating are enjoyed by people of all faiths.


Myth #3: Meditation is the same as hypnosis

When a person is hypnotized, they are unaware. Meditation, however, is the practice of being fully aware through the clearing of the mind. It trains the brain to be more receptive to our surroundings.


Myth #4: Meditation is mind control

There is a misconception that the relaxed state achieved by meditation makes it possible to control a person’s thoughts. This is simply not true. Meditating makes a mindful brain that is clear and receptive to thoughts.


Myth #5: Meditation is dangerous

There is nothing physically dangerous about meditation as long as it is done properly. Unfortunately, meditating can sometimes bring up memories from your past that may be a bit unsettling, but the emotional and physical damage done by those thoughts are far more dangerous if they remain repressed.


Myth #6: Meditation is the solution to all your problems

Meditation should be regarded as one part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. It prepares your mind to be more receptive, allowing you to better handle and resolve problems.


Myth #7: Meditation is a quick fix

If you’re overweight and you choose to eat a salad for lunch, little good will come of your action unless you commit to the change long term. The same is true of meditation.


Myth #8 : Meditation takes up a lot of time

While it differs for everyone, deep meditation can be achieved in just a few minutes. In a way, this will actually free up time because you will be more clear and receptive afterward, allowing you to be more focused on the tasks at hand.


Myth #9: Meditation is difficult

With the help of a trained instructor, meditation can be fun and easy.


Myth #10: Meditation makes you a peaceful person

Meditating doesn’t make you immune to aggravation. First, it gives you an opportunity to transform negative emotions. More importantly, it allows your mind to absorb more.