Reflexology – Your Alternative Health Practice to Heal the Body Naturally

Posted on July 19, 2013 by Tools For Wellness

Reflexology is an alternative health ancient practice that uses the method of stimulating different points of the feet to heal other body parts. It is backed by a theory that all body glands, organs, and main joints are affected in some way by the feet and even hands in some degree, and if you apply pressure to distinct points, you can stimulate the natural healing process of the body by increasing blood flow. Although it might not sound credulous, it has been known to be effective and used in cancer centers to relieve pain and stress, bring balance, and improve circulation. The theory of reflexology is that the nervous system of the human body has an electrical system that includes 10 meridians, or electro-mechanical zones. These can be reached through different contact points which are found in the feet and hands. You can stimulate different meridian points by applying pressure with your fin ger or thumb, stroking or rubbing, or lightly pinching, which encourages better functioning of all zone parts. Typically, you will not find immediate relief or long-term with a single reflexology treatment session. You may be required to make additional visits to a reflexologist to sooth chronic pain.

Reflexology Uses


During pregnancy, many have said that this alternative health practice helps to relieve backaches from pregnancy, bouts of morning sickness, and in some cases, retention of fluid. It is essential that you inform the practitioner which trimester you are in your pregnancy. If you do not tell them this, you risk the chance of certain pressure points being stimulated that might start up pre-labor contractions.

Back Pain

Back discomfort is another issue that can be eased naturally with this treatment. If you are practicing this by yourself, you can find different reflexology charts and manuals that will guide you through the pressure points to target and ease different areas of back pain.  One example of a manual is The Reflexology Manual which is an easy illustrated book that shows you the different healing zones of your body for holistic healing and treatment of a wide range of conditions.

Muscle and Joint Pain Relief

You can release toxin build up in your body as well as pain or blocked energy from your glands and organs by applying a compression massage technique to your hands or feet. This practice will relax your muscles, enabling your joints to release tight tension and gain mobility.