The Alternative Health Benefits of Tuning Fork Therapy

Posted on July 24, 2013 by Tools For Wellness


Today many people are learning about the tremendous benefits associated with alternative health practices.  There are now physicians who embrace alternative health practices and advise patients to consider their benefits.  One of them many beneficial alternative health practices is Tuning Fork Therapy.

A tuning fork is a long metal object that has a handle with two long sides that form a U-shape.  The U-shaped portions of the tuning fork are called the tines.  They are usually constructed with steel or aluminum and when they’re hit on an object they vibrate and create a certain pitch.  The length of a tuning fork’s tines will determine the level of pitch it produces.


Using a tuning fork for therapy consists of hitting it and having it vibrate.  It is then put next to a spot on the body that needs treatment.  There is a mineral tuning fork that can be used to stimulate the minerals in a person’s body.  There are also cellulite reduction tuning forks that have been proven to decrease cellulite.  A crystal resonator tuning fork can increase the therapeutic strength of crystals with its vibration. A variety of tuning forks can be used for many different types of therapy.

In an article by Alan Sales called “Tuning Forks for Healing Therapy” he explains some of the health benefits of using tuning forks for therapy.

“In the case of tuning fork therapy a beneficial process of resonance occurs. This means that if the frequency measured in vibrations per second (vps) is applied by focusing the sound generated by tuning forks on various parts of the body, it can help to establish a new pattern of balance, erasing the detrimental patterns caused by the negative resonance pattern of ill health.”

The article also sites documented cases of people who experienced healing as a result of using tuning forks for therapy.

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