Ancient Practices of “Sound Healing”- Understanding the Principles of EMF

Posted on August 1, 2013 by Tools For Wellness






History has long documented the use of sound as a ‘healing property’ for illness and injury. The Aboriginal tribes of Australia are reported to have been the first to ‘heal with sound’ using the didgeridoo. Ancient residents of Egypt and Babylonia believed that the low frequency of sound from drums and rattles would accelerate healing. Pythagoras used the flute and lyre to ‘make medicine using music’. The reverberation of solid stone walls in temples was touted as the therapeutic modality for Greco-Roman culture. What are the secrets that these ancient cultures knew?

Electromagnetic fields, or EMF‘s, are the natural and artificial forms of electrical and magnetic forces. In the form of a wave, an EMF is a type of radiation that can range from extremely low frequency (ELF) to dangerously high. Because naturally occurring EMF in a human body regulates cell function, it is necessary to keep a proper balance to maintain optimal health. Interruption or overexposure of artificial EMFs can be a health risk and can be dangerous to the human body.

Proven fact– Humans are now exposed to 100 million times greater artificial EMF radiation than they were just one generation ago.

Three distinct forms of electromagnetic waves can have potentially harmful effects on the body and should be measured when possible to reduce exposure levels:

1. ELFs, or extremely low frequencies, are found in the electrical lines that run basic household appliances. Studies show that extended periods of exposure to even these low levels of EMF can be harmful.

2. RFs, also known as radio frequency radiation, is produced by everyday items such as cellular phones, broadcast towers, and even electrical security systems. These higher frequency waves are more harmful the longer the exposure is occurring.

3. Microwave radiation is not simply limited to the household microwave- some cell phone towers now operate on the microwave. The high level of microwave radiation is known to be very dangerous to living organisms with continued exposure.

So how did the ancient cultures use EMF for positive, healing purposes?

They understood (perhaps without recognizing all of the intricacies) that ultrasound affected the prime resonant frequency (PRF) of a human body. Organs, cells and bones all have their own specific level of reaction to frequency, and this means that they also respond differently to the source of EMF. Nobel Prize winner Dr. James Gimzewski, of UCLA, California is experimenting with the use of sonocytology to study the effects of sound on the cellular level in the hopes that even audible sound will be found to achieve a non-invasive form of healing.

Perhaps the irony lies in the fact that even with all of our modern medical knowledge physicians are returning to the ancient methods of sound in their quest for healing. Prevention of overexposure can be the first step to achieving optimal health, and an understanding of the risks of EMF exposure can be the source of learning how to accelerate natural healing.