Esoteric Acupuncture: The Gateway to Wellness and Higher Consciousness

Posted on August 19, 2013 by Tools For Wellness


The practice of acupuncture has aided the human body and spirit to complete wellness for thousands of years. This ancient art, developed in China and the Far East, has been refined over centuries. The forms and practices of acupuncture used today trace their roots to the Classics of Internal Medicine of the Yellow Emperor, written between the first century BC and first century AD.

Without the use of today’s advanced medical technology, ancient scholars practiced acupuncture in order to aid individuals in immune system health and the relief of emotional stress. Today traditional methods as well as new methods of acupuncture have been proven to be extremely effective when treating patients for overall wellness, pain management, and even treatment for disease.

Mikio Sankey, founder of Esoteric Acupuncture or EA, has been studying and implementing acupunture techniques for over 35 years. Esoteric Acupuncture treats the entirety of the human body and spirit. EA is based upon the balance between body wellness and ethereal wellness. Sankey believes in order to reach complete health and a deeper connection with one’s higher consciousness, one must incorporate acupuncture into their wellness routine.

Traditional acupuncture is said to stimulate “left brain” function, which solely focuses on the “diseased” area of the body. Sankey’s EA is said to focus on “right brain” function due to the needle insertion style and placement which is based upon the intuition of the practitioner.

Because EA focuses on total wellness, it depends not only on the actual practice and participation in acupuncture but also incorporates a complete healthy living plan. The plan includes a diet that consists of non-GMO chemical laced foods, organic foods, and non irradiated foods, perfect for those trying o live a chemical free lifestyle.

As a result of practicing Mikio Sankey’s Esoteric Acupuncture, many feel healthier, more balanced, more energetic, and less stressed mentally. Many feel they are able to reach a higher state of consciousness and a deeper connection with their partner and self.

For more information on Mikio Sankey’s Esoteric Acupuncture practices as well as a wealth of information and products available pertaining to acupuncture and general wellness, please contact Tools for Wellness.