Searching for Self Improvement

Posted on September 3, 2013 by Tools For Wellness


To improve yourself, you first have to know yourself. For the most part I’m sure you know who you are, but to really know yourself you have to go deep, not just skim the surface. Room for self improvement is always there, but do you know what it is you need to improve? The five Kosha’s can help you to discover this.


kosha is a sheath or a layer. The five layers consist of your physical, prana (breath or energy), emotional, intuition (wisdom) and bliss bodies. In order to be balanced, all layers must be in good working order. A disrupter of this fine balance is stress. You put physical stress on your body, you hold your breath when stressed, you have constant chatter going on in your mind with our technical world, you don’t always follow your intuition and lose connection with nature as you rush from one thing to the next.


If one of these layers is out of balance, lets say your emotional kosha from a stressful job, it will eventually affect the other layers. You’re stressed out mind will begin to show up in your body as tension. You may get headaches or back pain. You start to breathe in a way that is constrictive, this will lead to fatigue. When you’re tired, you don’t want to do all the things you used to do out of work that kept your life balanced. This leads you to lose your wisdom and bliss.


To fix this we can’t just quit our jobs, we have to find balance in another way. We need to find a way to relax, to let go of the thing that is causing us stress. If it is work we need to learn to leave it behind, we need to unplug.


Go for a walk, meditate, draw or do whatever brings you peace. Allowing the mind to let go and reset is the goal. Each time you find your mind wandering back to work, let it go and focus on your relaxation. It isn’t easy, it takes practice and patience, but you will get the hang of it eventually and the payoff is worth it. You won’t get a whole new you, but you will get back to your authentic you.