View the World Through Color Therapy Glasses

Posted on October 15, 2013 by Tools For Wellness



Many of us have heard the phrase “view the world through rose colored glasses.” Though the phrase usually means that someone chooses to see the world with a beautifully fresh view regardless of the often gloomy and depressing reality; there is a distinct ring of truth in the statement. There is a form of holistic healing called chromotherapy, or color therapy. Color therapy uses the chakra system (each chakra has a specific color), and tools of nature, such as auras; to promote emotional , mentalspiritual and physical balance with nature; healing; and overall sense of well-being.

There are innovative tools, such as those that can be found at Tools For Wellness; who has described the colors available and the meanings/uses for their Color Therapy Glasses:

“Violet (Purple) enhances inspiration, calms nerves, resulting in less irritation, and more creativity, and recognition of beauty.

Indigo promotes serenity, increased imagination, more accurate perception, understanding, and is beneficial for a strong deep sleep.

Blue relaxes the mind, incorporates peace, less nervousness, increasing vitality, creativity, clear communication.

Green gives balance; provides peace, stress reduction while increasing calmness, self-control, and feelings of hope.

Yellow promotes concentration, mental clarity, optimism.

Orange increases social confidence, cheerfulness, resourcefulness, and nurtures enjoyable relationships.

Red gives strength; encourages a pioneering spirit, courage, alertness, sense of power, vitality; and helps you overcome negative thoughts.

Aqua (Turquoise)nurtures openness, confidence, relaxation, a soothing feeling, sensitivity.

Magenta (Rose) offers relaxation, and a balance of emotions.

Baker-Miller Pink Calms aggression, promotes relaxation, stress relief, and can be an appetite suppressant.

Learn about the holistic healing practice if chromatherapy, or color therapy, is discussed in further detail in the book Aura Soma Sourcebook, by Mike Booth and Carol McKnight. In it, you will learn about Equilibrium Bottles, how the bottles blend a combination of color therapy, and essential oils; and how they come together to boost inner awareness, making your “inner light” heal you from the inside out.

For more information, Tools For Wellness provides holistic solutions.