Ohm & Otto Tuning Forks For Sound Healing

Posted on December 13, 2013 by Tools For Wellness




Introduction to Sound Healing

Everything and everyone—from the smallest particle and organism to the Earth and the entire Universe—has a vibrational frequency that creates sound. When organisms are healthy, they resonate at a natural frequency that is in harmony with their surrounding vibrations. Sound encourages the human body to return to its natural, healthy frequency, thereby healing imbalances. From unborn infants who develop better cognitive skills listening to music from the womb to the ancient use of singing bowls for meditative states, sound therapy and healing encompasses an enormous landscape of alternative health, spirituality, and scientific exploration.

Ohm Tuning Forks For Sound Healing

Swiss scientist, mathematician, and sound therapist Hans Cousto created Ohm Tuning Forks by calculating the solar year of planets and converting those cycles into musical tones. One of the most common tuning forks to use for beginning sound therapy is the single Ohm Fork, resonates around “C Sharp,” which is also the cosmic, endless, primordial sound of “OM.” Because this tuning fork vibrates with the frequency of Earth’s major cycles, it has the ability to heal a wide range of illnesses and disorders.

When we experience physical and emotional sickness, we get “out of sync” with our natural vibrations and the vibrations of Earth. Whether physicians or holistic practitioners are talking about basic stress or serious disease, symptoms and how they manifest and function in the body, mind, and spirit are all linked to some sort of “imbalance.” From the physical to astral state, the Ohm Fork acts to restore the body’s balance and get it back in sync.

The Ohm Fork is simple to use. Simply tap it on your hand, knee, or use a Tuning Fork Activator. The Ohm Fork will then emit a sustained tone. Begin by putting the fork about one-inch from your ear until you feel its vibration. Humming with the frequency will help you to connect with the vibration. Once you feel comfortable activating, hearing, and feeling the healing vibrations of the Ohm Fork, you can target specific areas of your body. Place the Ohm Fork gently yet directly on the rib heads (or rib ends that are closest to the vertebra column), thoracic vertebra (upper spine), sternum (middle of chest/heart chakra area), sacrum and illiums (pelvic/hip areas).

The Ohm Fork not only balances the body and mind while creating sound healing, it also induces deep relaxation and meditative states.

Otto Tuning Forks For Sound Healing

Otto Tuning Forks  resonate on octaves of the note “C” in the Pythagorean Scale—the classic do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do. The word “Otto” refers to to the ancient Greek word for bone: “osteo.” Otto Tuning Forks are osteophonic, meaning they use sound to vibrate directly into the bones to restore their balance. These sounds release tension in the muscles and connective tissues, while stimulating the nerves and increasing blood flow circulation.

Otto Tuning Forks are commonly used by beginners and healing practitioners alike. Consider starting out with the 128Hz Otto Tuning Fork, which emits a relaxing low tone ideal for realigning the physical body. It can be effectively used gently and directly on the same body areas as the Ohm Tuning Fork (see above).

Advanced Sound Healing

To increase your sound healing techniques, use two forks on both sides of the body or next to both ears, such as two Mid Ohm Tuning Forks. Otto Tuning Forks also come in 64Hz, which is very effective for the lower spine and nervous system, and 32Hz, which emits the deepest Earth vibrations and stimulates skin, hair, and deep grounding.  Want to know more?  There are numerousbooks and instructional DVDs that will get you started on your tuning forks for sound healing journey!