Practice Qigong for Better Health

Posted on January 2, 2014 by Tools For Wellness




Qigong is an ancient Chinese system for better health healing, and illness prevention. Qigong incorporates breathing techniques, physical movements, and the art of focusing the mind. Qi (pronounced chi or chee) comes from the Chinese word meaning vital-energy or life-force, which is said to flow through everything in the known universe. Gong (pronounced gung) means cultivated skill or practice. As one word, Qigong means “energy skills, ”and as a system, Qigong embraces the connections between body, mind, and spirit for holistic well-being.

The physical movements, also known as postures, of Qigong are slow, dance-like, calming, and very gentle, making them easy to learn and easy on the body. Qigong is ideal for almost everyone, including seniors, those with serious illness or disability, and children. The practice of Qigong increases awareness of self and the world, and it is an established alternative health and exercise program in many parts of the world, including the United States.

Qigong effectively increases stamina and energy, supports a healthy immune system, improves circulation and heart health, activates the respiratory and digestive system, strengthens muscles, promotes balance, and reduces stress, among numerous other known benefits. Numerous studies have supported and proven the health benefits of Qigong, and many sources, from WebMD to theAmerican College of Sports Medicine publicly endorse the practice of Qigong. For a comprehensive resource regarding these benefits, consult the Qigong Institute, where you will find tons of information.

Practicing Qigong on a regular basis helps to keep both the body and mind agile and youthful, while also activating the spirit within. It helps alleviate depression and hypertension. Because of its simplicity, Qigong can be practiced in almost any setting, without any special equipment, clothing, or costly memberships. To experience the full benefits of Qigong, consistency of practice is key, and there are several outstanding books and guides to start you on your Qigong journey for better health.