Air Ionizers and the Power of Negative Ions

Posted on January 5, 2014 by Tools For Wellness




How’s the quality of air in your house? Would you say it’s clean, fresh and healthy? You may not even know allergens and pollutants are in the very air you breathe as they don’t normally float around in huge particles nor are they decked out in colors. They’re tiny and they linger in the atmosphere, quiet and insidious, increasing health risks. Research has shown the downside of breathing in polluted and contaminated air, generating a host of health problems such as coughing, tightness in the chest, asthma attacks, runny, itchy eyes, headaches and compounding lung and heart health.

Power of Negative Ions

Consider the flip side. The air is fresh and clean. You feel invigorated, your head is clear and every gulp of fresh air seems to bring with it renewed energy. Do scenic holiday destinations come to mind or the time you spend swimming under a waterfall? The truth is such natural settings, amidst water, plants and sun generate plenty of negative ions, the particles dubbed as the vitamins of the air. Scientists reveal that negative ions trigger biochemical reactions that increase the production of serotonin, the hormone responsible for alleviating mood and managing stress.

Is there a way to generate negative ions in your house to replicate the benefits–clean air, fresh smell and healthy environment? Yes, thanks to air ionizers.

Air Ionizers

Air ionizers work on the principle of “opposites attract.” They generate negative ions by electronically causing air molecules to gain one or more extra negatively-charged electrons. Air pollutants are generally positively-charged. When negative ions are released into the air, they attract pollutants in the air. As more pollutants cluster around these negative ions, they become heavy and fall, effectively taking them out of the air. Air less cluttered by allergens and pollutants becomes cleaner, fresher and healthier. That’s one level. On another level, air saturated with negative ions generates the “feel good” feeling.

If you’re looking to clean the air in your house to keep it fresh, invigorating and healthy, consider the use of air ionizers. Feel free to contact us with any questions, we offer a variety of air purifiers and air ionizers–from vehicle ionizer to air cooler with ionizer to high density negative air ionizer, there is something for everyone.