How to Measure Better Health

Posted on February 28, 2014 by Tools For Wellness




What does good health mean to you? If you are overweight, you may wish to shed some pounds.  If sleep is a problem, you may want to discover natural sleeping aids and techniques to get some needed rest.  If you are under too much stress with too many obligations, you may benefit from a hot cup of tea and a selection of good books to guide you on your journey.

We, too, are concerned with better health, and have focused much of our attention on developing sound modalities to improve health and well-being, from pain relief to techniques in improving cognition and memory.

Good health is a conglomeration of factors, from the usual culprits, healthy eating and exercise, to yoga and meditation; from reducing stress levels to sleeping soundly; from resolving conflict to improving our mental capacities.  Health is interconnected, with the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms working in tandem to produce your optimal self.

It is impossible to separate the physical body from the environment.  You are one with the universe is not just an airy-fairy mantra: It is biologically based.  In our harried existence, we take on too much, and usually don’t have time to relax and examine what we may be doing to ourselves.  But the deleterious effects of our lifestyle manifest in our overall health.

Resolve today to take concrete steps to improve your overall health, from your body, your mind, and your soul.