Benefits of Infrared Heating Pads over Ordinary Heating Pads

Posted on November 10, 2015 by Mike

An ordinary heating pad only heats the skin’s surface.

Far infrared heat sends deep penetrating heat to not only create a uniform warming effect, but can be found in two forms: direct and indirect. Direct far infrared provides the deep heat to warm you up without raising the temperature of the surrounding air. Indirect Far infrared heat comes to us through absorbing the excess energy transmitted from plants or animals that are in close proximity to us.

Deep Penetrating Heat Therapy:

– Relieves pain
– Improves blood circulation
– Reduces tension and stress
– Helps remove toxins
– Improves immune system
– Improves flexibility

One example is the WelAide Heat Therapy Healing Pad. The WelAide Far Infrared Deep Penetrating Heated Heating Pad features infrared heat, negative ions and natural jade. When the jade is heated, it emits heat that penetrates deep into your body as much as 2 to 3 inches below the skin.

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