EMF’s & How can we Protect ourselves from potential dangers.

Posted on July 12, 2016 by Mike

Modern technology has made EMF protection devices become more and more relevant in today’s modern world. Electromagnetic fields have become an integral part of our daily lives.
From phone calls & texting to clicking around in the social media world, many of us have grown accustomed to the buzzing and glowing of screens. But the very devicescell-thermal-effect2 that we have come to  depend on may actually be silently deteriorating our health. Studies indicate the the ambient electromagnetic fields generated by appliances, broadcasting networks and cellular devices could actually be quite problematic for the body and mind. So, what are EMF’s & what can we do to protect ourselves from EMF exposure?

EMFs are electromagnetic fields—invisible lines of force that emanate from any electrical or wireless device. There are two types of EMFs: low frequency and high frequency.

Low frequency EMFs are emitted by our electricity and appliances. High Frequency EMFs (also known as Radio Frequency) are generated by all our wireless devices. At Tools for Wellness you can find an array of products to protect EMF exposure from Cell Phones, Laptops, Microwaves, wifi, and power lines.

Why Do We Need Electromagnetic Field Protection?

EMF remfchartadiations can be harmful to the human functioning systems in more ways than one. Some of the prominent negative impacts include:

  • EMF radiations are known to interfere with the normal messaging system of the body which the brain uses for transmitting signals to the nerves and organs. The body has its own electromagnetic signaling system. External interference causes alterations in the way the body transmits signals and instructs its own system.
  • The AC current which gives rise to EMFs is known to have a negative impact on the cells of the body. The
    cells need more energy to save themselves from these fields. This causes a serious depletion of energy levels and might leave us drained and fatigued.

As a result, the usage of EMF device for protection has become quite significant. Not only do we require personal protection, but protection devices for the entire household are also required. It actually depends on the strength of the electromagnetic fields you are recurrently being exposed to.

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At Tools for Wellness, we offer EMF protection in the form of EMF jewelry, EMF meters, Q-Link cell phone diodes, appliance shields, computer shields, and much, much more. Our selection of EMF protection devices includes a variety of solutions for all different kinds of lifestyles. While we know you can’t avoid EMF exposure totally, you can however take action to limit it. You don’t need to live outdoors or give up any of your wireless conveniences to be safe from EMF exposure—you just need EMF protection, and Tools for Wellness has you covered!